Arthur and the Invisibles 4

Arthur as a Minimoy.

Arthur is the main protagonist of the Arthur and the Minimoys/Invisibles books and films. He briefly assumes Minimoy form in order to rescue his grandfather. He is an average kid whose grandpa is an explorer. His grandpa was given valuable rubies as a gift of thanksgiving, but he hid them somewhere in his yard for safe-keeping. Arthur finds out about the Minimoys, a race of small people who his grandfather met, and travels to their world. There he meets Princess Selenia and her prince brother, Betameche. He goes on spectacular adventures with them to find his grandfather's treasure to save his house (read more on the main page) and to stop the Evil M, Maltazard.


Arthur falls in love with Princess Selenia because of the picture of her prior to meeting her physically.

Physical descriptionEdit

As a Minimoy, Arthur has white hair and a strange suit.